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September 30, 2011

Hosting Guru Comments: Crisis Management, BCP & DR

by Hosting_Guru
Are You Prepared for a Crisis?

Are You Prepared for a Crisis?

By Hosting Guru

You don’t need to be Einstein to work out we are in an era of increased natural disasters, large scale and controversial security breaches, and even bigger system outages and disruptions caused by our increased reliance on cloud applications, social media and outsourced services.  A few well known names and events come to mind, some very close to home, and this is without even considering the aspects of terrorism or social engineering security issues.

Japan Earth Quake / Nuclear Meltdown
New Zealand Earth Quakes
Queensland Floods

I’ve personally been victim and witness to all three scenarios myself in the last year, and with all the hype around cloud as the new promise land, it got me thinking about the many years I spent consulting with global financial institutions about BCP and DR.

How do you do BCP or DR when your services are in the Cloud?
Do you have a Crisis Management Plan?

Most Enterprise businesses spend millions on business continuity and disaster recovery planning, but the preparedness of the corporate market is very patchy and most small businesses just shrug their shoulders when you ask them about DR.

The bottom line is you need to at least have a Crisis Management Plan and basic Business Continuance Plan with a few “what if” scenarios to be properly prepared for the worst.  This will help protect your brand whether your a supplier or consumer of cloud services.

Im not an expert in Crisis Management, but I found this Crisis Management article from Eric Mower & Associates a good example of where many of those from the incidents above, failed dismally, especially in the public relations department.

If anyone would like my advice on BCP or DR matters, I spent several years consulting to many of the worlds top financial institutions and I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience and how I see BCP and DR in Cloud Computing.  So drop me a line!


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