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Cisco CloudVerse framework


Hosting Guru Comments: Google’s Trusted Stores Seeking to Regulate E-Commerce?

Google Trusted Stores

Google Trusted Stores

From  4th October @

Google’s newly launched Trusted Stores provides an added layer of trust for consumers and promotes e-commerce.  But is this a double-edged sword for retailers?

Google is leveraging its trust with consumers and cleverly inserting itself into the e-commerce process through its newly launched Trusted Stores pilot program.

The program aims to help shoppers feel confident in their purchases across the web.

My Take> Google going for another data grab.  I’m not sure we need, want, or will even trust google to safely collect user purchasing data.  Another nice data set for the e-tailers marketeers to crunch no doubt, but I’d rather get a standard around the banking merchants to endorse the “Trusted Stores” than Google.  I guess there’s almost no stopping the Google Juggernaught now, though one slip up from Google in the privacy banking space could do them a lot of harm.  Just look at the backlash against Facebook in the last week about their cloak and dagger spying through cookies.  Just how much privacy, purchasing and websurfing behaviours are we prepared to give up to these giants of the web???

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Brier Dudley’s Blog | Amazon enters tablet battle with Fire and Silk | Seattle Times Newspaper

Brier Dudley’s Blog | Amazon enters tablet battle with Fire and Silk | Seattle Times Newspaper.

From Brier Dudley

 My Kindle story for Thursday’s paper:

NEW YORK — It was widely known that was working on a color, touch-screen version of its popular Kindle, the gadget that established the market for e-readers.

But founder Jeff Bezos still surprised the world Wednesday by unveiling the Kindle Fire, a polished and potent 7-inch device with a $199 price that will disrupt the surging market for Web tablets and erode the dominance of Apple’s iPad..

My Take> A great alternative to the iPad for many users, especially kids.  I love my iPad, but this is a great innovation and example of where cloud computing and consumer technology are going.  Using Amazon compute power on the server side to do the heavy lifting and optimize the content for the light weight and more affordable Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet.

I won’t be getting one, but what a great (more) affordable gift for the kids to keep them from continually stealing your iPad!

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SixDay Science

The big news coming out of CERN is that scientists there have apparently exceeded the speed of light. The experiment, carried out repeatedly over a period of three years, involved the acceleration of neutrinos — tiny, neutrally-charged particles — over a distance of nearly 500 miles and timing their travel. Surprisingly, the neutrinos arrived 60 billionths of a second faster than light would have. It may sound like a miniscule difference, but considering that light travels over 186,000 miles per second, it’s actually quite significant.

If confirmed, the discovery would undermine Albert Einstein’s 1905 theory of special relativity, which says that the speed of light is a “cosmic constant” and that nothing in the universe can travel faster.

To be specific, Einstein’s theory says that particles with mass can be accelerated to speeds arbitrarily close to the speed of light in a vacuum — say, 99.9999999999% of the speed…

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Hello world!

Hi and thanks for dropping in!

This is my first blog entry.  I thought I’d let you know what sort of topics I plan to write about and provide commentary on, as well as telling you a little about myself.

I’ve been in IT for what sometimes seems like forever.   I’m a technology professional working in IT Sales and Yes.. I have to admit (with an uncomfortable smirk) I’m a closet nerd!

My first exposure to computers was back in my impressionable teen years in the 80’s, way back when Atari, Commodore 64, Vic-20 and the Apple 2e amazed us with 2d wire graphics on a green screen and sprite graphics on a TV.  An era of cassette tapes and cartridge based programs.

Wow!@!@!… haven’t we come a long way in personal computing!  One of my first jobs out of school exposed me to the inner workings of computers.  I was assembling XT and 286 based computers at the time consumers were just starting to truly become aware of the personal computer, with the advent of the mighty 286.

For almost 20 years now, I’ve been managing and developing complex IT solutions with $1M to $30M dollar  budgets for Enterprise and Corporate Companies. 

 The industries Ive worked across includes;

  • Finance and Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Media & Entertainment
  • E-Commerce
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Federal and State Government
  • Defence
  • Agriculture

I’ve held senior roles in technology and services companies including;

  • Asia Pacific Director for Infrastructure and Architecture Services for a large US Multinational Outsourcer
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Technical Consulting
  • Project Management
  • DR & BCP Consulting

Well now you know a little bit about where I started in this world of technology, here’s a brief summary of business topics of interest, and a few of my personal interests. If there is anything you would like information on or would like to share with me please don’t hesitate to leave me a message .

Areas of Interest

  • Outsourcing and Cloud Services
  • Virtualisation
  • Server & Desktop Hardware
  • Data Centres
  • Finance, Banking and Online Sectors
  • Data Management, Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery
  • Global IP-VPN & MPLS Networks
  • Global IP Transit

My Personal Interests

  • Motor Sport
  • Tennis
  • Photography
  • Technology
  • Aircraft & Flight Simulation
  • Extreme Computer Systems
  • Music
  • Vinyl Records
  • Wine & Good Food!



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