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Hosting Guru Comments: Google’s Trusted Stores Seeking to Regulate E-Commerce?

Google Trusted Stores

Google Trusted Stores

From  4th October @

Google’s newly launched Trusted Stores provides an added layer of trust for consumers and promotes e-commerce.  But is this a double-edged sword for retailers?

Google is leveraging its trust with consumers and cleverly inserting itself into the e-commerce process through its newly launched Trusted Stores pilot program.

The program aims to help shoppers feel confident in their purchases across the web.

My Take> Google going for another data grab.  I’m not sure we need, want, or will even trust google to safely collect user purchasing data.  Another nice data set for the e-tailers marketeers to crunch no doubt, but I’d rather get a standard around the banking merchants to endorse the “Trusted Stores” than Google.  I guess there’s almost no stopping the Google Juggernaught now, though one slip up from Google in the privacy banking space could do them a lot of harm.  Just look at the backlash against Facebook in the last week about their cloak and dagger spying through cookies.  Just how much privacy, purchasing and websurfing behaviours are we prepared to give up to these giants of the web???

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